Ways to get through the day: 1. Write

July 14, 2013

This morning, SnapDash the bear woke up in his cave, and once again felt like crying. Part of him just wanted to curl up and go back to sleep, but part of him wanted to have some food. Those beastly humans started setting up a stage at beer garden across the street from his house. Then they had the audacity to start playing some very upbeat folk music. Banjos and everything. Fucking banjos.  Usually, SnapDash likes folk music, but this morning it felt like an egregious assault to his desire to hibernate.

While attempting the usual Sunday morning pick-me-ups, like cereal, coffee, and a favorite show, still SnapDash struggled to dry his eyes and know how to start his day. It felt like his cave was crumbling in on him, but it was simply too bright and cheery outside to brave being outdoors on a day like that.

Instead, he turned to his trusty friend, the Internet, where he ran into this somewhat helpful article:

About little things a bear can do when just trying to get through the day.


Tip 1: Write.

Write. Keep a journal. Somehow writing everything down helps keep the misery from running around in circles.

Still, bears are very bad at journaling. The pencil broke, and his claws tore at the paper. This made SnapDash want to cry again. Hrumpf. After throwing the journal across the room, SnapDash realized he had other options, and would start a blog. That way he could keep track of his mood swings, and share his adventures, and have a healthy outlet to his rage/sob swings.

Perhaps he would try other tips on the list later, but the journaling did, in fact, help him calm down and feel ready for the day.

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