Tip 3: Dance (Exercise Part 2)

July 15, 2013

So this post adresses Metanoia’s tips:

# 2: Play some happy music (this morning I was NOT in the mood for happy music though)

#14: Dancing. Alone in your house or out with a friend.

#23: Exercise (as mentioned in previous post)

Ok, So I mentioned I’ve broken my back paw. Ironically did it doing the recently popularized 7-min workout in my living-room. It hurts a bit, and I’ve run out of Oxycodone. Worse of all, I feel exhausted all the time, and feel even less like doing things. Because crutching across my cave takes all my energy, going to the gym a few blocks away sounds worse than running a marathon to me right now.

The idea of “working out” feels very daunting. But this evening, I discovered couch aerobics. Thanks to an inspiring article from (yup, I feel like that day as a full-time athlete, when our yoga teacher said “it looks like we are going to be doing geriatric Yoga today”)…today I managed to do some:

1. Sitting jumping jacks, (more like sitting back on my rump and flailing all 4 paws in the air at the same time)

2. 1-legged cross-country ski movements

3. Knee-down pushups

4. couch-dips

5. bicycling into the air

6. Various abs

7. More flailing of paws in all directions.

I made it a whopping 13 min, through four 80’s pop songs, AND BROKE A SWEAT!!!!! And now I begin to remember how good it feels to feel alive. Like blood is gushing through all systems.  I feel alive and powerful.

Thank God. So the good ol’ sweat reboot worked this evening. One day at a time.

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