Tip 4: Remember to Eat

July 15, 2013

Eating is the key theme for:

Tips # 8 Remember to eat. Notice if eating certain things (e.g. sugar or coffee) changes how you feel, 

Tip #9: Make yourself a fancy dinner, maybe invite someone over

Tip #15: Eat well. Try to alternate foods you like (maybe junk foods) with the stuff you know you should be eating.

Tip #24: Feed yourself nourishing food.

Seems like there is a common theme: eating. Food is nourishment, and can be used both as comfort food within moderation, as well as fuel…healthier foods will ultimately help us feel more alive, but something is better than nothing. When I was training, the coach told me to gain 20lbs to be competitive. But when tired, I would get so sad I would look at the fridge and cry because opening it and eating something seemed like such an overwhelming task: I didn’t know where to start. Eventually, I learned to eat like my life depended on it: my career as an athlete certainly did. Counting calories helped me realized I was about 2000cal short of my gain goals, and increasing caloric intake by about 1k helped rebuild an appetite.I find its good to have easy things to cook (instant dinners, or quesadilla’s & cheese, or some eggs) as staples no-brainer food, so that all I need to get up and go to the kitchen and then not overcomplicate the eating process.

Now, as a working bear, enough calories not an issue. I gained that weight for the sport and havent lost it sense. Still, fueling our bodies and monitoring our blood-sugar levels can be key to managing the rapid cycling. Eating can still feel really overwhelming. If getting out of bed and eating is the only thing I accomplish in a day, thats ok. Somedays are survival.

Today, I am thankful, because I have accomplished a lot:


1.Update a logo for a friend

2.Got out of bed.

3.Made breakfast and ate it.


4.Read an article to help see through the haze

5.Discovered that drawing how I am feeling really helps channel the chaos.

6. Started this blog

7. A friend swung by and gave me hug, loaned her a book


8. Another friend came by to work on a project. I got tired halfway through and sat down for a while.

9. Worked on some more Tips. Couch-ercised. Sweat! Feel alive again

10. Ate two more meals, and am FEELING AWESOME!!!!

For a day that started out feel so hopeless, it looks like I made it through pretty well. How encouraging.

Next challenge: calm down enough to go to sleep tonight.

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