Doctors of Crazy

July 19, 2013

Don’t have much to say, except how glad I am that it is almost Friday!! And I have almost made it through the week! Also talked to my girlfriend to discuss me NOT trying to find us a new place to live before she gets back.  She loved the idea. What a relief! Already so much already going on to handle as it is.

Also, today I had my long awaited psychiatry appointment, and my long awaited psychology appointment. It just so happened that both doctors’ openings fell on the same day. So much mental health!

  • Synopsis 1: Take more pills when you feel like drowning in tears
  • Synopsis 2: Continue to advocate for yourself, because being straight forward can actually be better for relationships, instead of just trying to make the other person happy. Making sacrifices for your partner without communicating can actually lead to feeling resentful and/or their needs not actually being met. In general, you are doing ok at life! BOOM! 

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