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Tip 6: Watch a Movie

July 20, 2013

So survival tip #5: plan to eat dinner with a friend and then spontaneously go to a movie. Just don’t go to deep emotional sad triggering movie.

It was a good friday, but its all a blur now because I went with a friend to watch some Ryan Gosling movie, whoever he is.

“Only God Forgives” is supposed to be “beautiful cinema photography thriller”….my idea of a “beautiful photography thriller” is “Shoot ‘Em Up” with Clive Owen…yes beautiful colors and camera angles, witty genre self-referencing critiques mixed with action packed stunt scenes. This, however, was basically Ryan Gosling coming from a royally f***ed up family who all do some royally f***ed up things, and while he pauses to A. experience grief/crazy/hallucinations and B. perhaps actually have a conscience, the rest of the story goes on around him. There’s an abusive mother, and a bad-ass Thai cop that basically do all the action in the film, while Ryan sits on the couch and stares. Its very Hamlet, come to think of it, but with more floral patterns, monochromatic red lighting, and throbbing music. Don’t waste your time seeing the movie, just look at this picture, and imagine this Ryan kid’s face instead of mine. And imagine more red light.

Luckily there was an actual protagonist (not Ryan) who succeeds in eliciting a certain amount of vicarious righteous vengeance (in the audience) when all the bad guys get taken care of…kind of like Django Unchained, except in slow motion.

So yeah, here I am writing about it, instead of curling up in my bed releasing anger and sadness and numbness via tears. And, the more I come to think of it, the art-production did a tremendous job creating that numb/confused/painful feeling in the viewer that one may feel when your criminal brother was killed, and your abusive mother shows up and asks you to un-lawfully avenge him. It actually is very much a rendition of Hamlet.  Except, of course the ruling drug lord/brother dies instead of a father/king. And the person somewhat responsible for the brother’s death is more like Fortinbras, who restores justice in the end of Hamlet. But the Freudian/Oedipal nuances are most definitely there. And Ophelia (Ryan’s super hot Thai hired girlfriend) doesn’t die. So all in all, its worth watching, particularly if you can put up with Shakespeare because 1. Fortinbras KICKS some SERIOUS ASS, 2. Ophelia doesn’t drown, 3. its unclear what actually happens to Hamlet in the end, and 4. its only 2 hours instead of 4 hours long. So all in all, it was a weird artsy movie that did a really good job in many ways, and pushed the boundaries in many ways as well. Still, I would rather not TRY to put myself in situations where I feel numb/pain/grief/anger/confusion. So good ol’ bad-guys vs good-guys or action comedies, or even feel good romance may be more my style.

Buy hey, it was nice to get out of the house and hang out with a cool friend. I just wish we had seen IronMan 3 instead, because I would have been a bit more prepared emotionally.

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