July 21, 2013

All I wanted to do was get through the week and make it to the weekend so I could rest. So thats what I did.

But now, after midnight, I am feeling more tired but also antsy and a little bla. Instead of being like, “well Snappy, that because you had a busy day and now you are tired. Go to bed. ” Part of me is feeling grumpy about it. So I guess I’ll list all the nice things that happened today.

  • Took the dogs out (sans crutches)
  • Drank some coffee and finished a good book.
  • Bathed the dogs (who just came back from the dog-summer-camp and are often dirty and itchy afterward). That was a big accomplishment.
  • Talked to my girl friend, who is approximately 6386 miles away, which thanks to modern technology is QUITE an accomplishment. 
  • An awesome friend who I haven’t seen in a while came by to hang out and help take the dogs out for a walk in the park. I crutched after them for a bit.
  • The friend and I chatted while she dropped me off at another friend’s house who I haven’t seen in about a year. It was wine and cheese belated birthday gathering, but there ended up only being 4 of us there, so it was nice to hang out an chill for longer than expected.
  • Took a 25$ cab ride home across the city.
  • Finally watched Pulp Fiction for the first time in my life. Cool/intense movie, (was prepared for its weirdness) but is about 40 min too long.
  • Took the dogs out again (sans crutches)
  • Didn’t want to end the night on Tarantino , so ate some chocolate pudding and watched a chill relaxing TV show.

Come to think of it, the pudding, salad, pizza, and coffee I ate today all came from another friend who went shopping for me yesterday (before going to the weird movie together).  Its hard being so limited in my mobility, but I guess it kind of slows me down a bit more to appreciate all these friends. And its nice to remember that people are good and actually don’t mind giving a helping hand now and then. I have very mixed thoughts about feeling/being needy, like nobody will want to be my friend. But in reality, over the last 3 weekends, people have been really kind and multiple friendships have significantly strengthened. I guess friendship is magic after all.


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