3 Benefits of Friends

July 24, 2013

Today, I grabbed happy hour drinks with a coworker who is leaving for another company at the end of the week. She gave me some good career advice and I enjoyed connecting with her more deeply. It was a really lovely chat, but then as I was crutching out, another acquaintance waved me down in the bar and invited me to join her and her friend for happy hour # 2. After another drink, they were hungry and wanted to grab some food and encouraged me to continue the evening with them. I said I would love to, but felt bad about not letting the dogs out yet. At which point, one of the girls got really excited (because evidently she WANTS to get a dog soon) and offered to help me walk them, sense my apartment was on the way to a good dinner place. Anyway, long story short, friendly girls helped me walk the dogs, we went and had beer and burgers around the corner and talked about jobs, and dating, and other entertaining things. I felt like I was in college again…there is something fun and spontaneous about being, well, fun and spontaneous again.

So here are 3 benefits of friends highlighted by tonight’s events:

1. Friends can give good advice

2. Friends can randomly help you, AND LIKE IT, not because they particularly want to help you, but like doing the thing that happens to help.

3. Friends are fun ways of getting out of your dark little brain for half a second and embrace the spontaneity of the universe and the surprising grace therein.

…thats really only one benefit: they help you. But good friends enjoy sharing in each others burdens and victories. ┬áSo you help them too. Not in a Machiavellian sort of way, more like a Buddha kinda way.

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