3 benefits of Movies….

July 27, 2013

GENERAL WARNING: this may be the most superficial post you will ever read. Glance at it at your own risk:

3 benefits of seeing The Wolverine:

1. Getting to see Hugh Jackman be TOTALLY JACKED.

2. Getting to see his fatal attraction: supermodel Tao Okamoto, debut in her first mainstream movie.

3. Also its fun to share things with friends from work. Since I am leaving that job next week, I am glad to be strengthening social relationships with the people I want to continue in my life.

Though I think the film editors must have used the same unrealistic rendering to make Jackman extra jacked, to make already tall (5’9.5) Okamoto look unrealistically tall and skinny.  Some research from Wikipedia says she started modeling at 14, and has been a renown runway model for top lines like “Alexander WangChanelDolce & GabbanaFendiLouis VuittonMichael KorsMiu MiuRalph Lauren, and Yves Saint Laurent.”…whoever they are. This is her first hollywood film. Lets hope it is not her last. Good film presence and on-screen chemistry with Hugh. Here are some pics of her by Lachlan Baily for Vogue China, August 2011, for an example of her work.

Also debuting on the big screen: Rila Fukushima, who is pretty boss and totally kicks ass!  She ends up being an awesome fighter, saves Wolfie a few times, and is a fairly attractive person. Yet the creators of the film did an interesting job portraying her as a bit overshadowed the character by the glamorous love interest: Okamoto.

In other news, Jackman’s jackedness is pretty impressive. It inspired me to come home and do two run-throughs of the 7-min workout, and watch cross fit videos till midnight, and eating eggs and spinach as snack instead of nachos. While getting out of breath while doing tricep dips on my ottoman, will clearly not bring back my bicep veins, it is a start. Also I read up on the Paleo diet, which yes, I know, everyone is talking about. Also intentions around the next 3 months: get connected to my body and nutrition again. Luckily there is a gym at the new work (though there is a gym down my block from my apartment, which rarely gets visited).

I signed up for a marathon and ran it in June (first time doing a marathon) basically just to commit to something that is hard enough to get me off the couch. While I am proud of my achievement, I don’t feel any more in touch with the rhythm of working out regularly and feeling connected the way I did as part of a team. Perhaps I will try to find a triathlon team to join when my foot recovers. Until then..couch-ercising here I come!

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