More drinking….

July 27, 2013

So Thursday, SnapDash the bear was very much looking forward to a nice quite night in, perhaps with some more couch-ercising. But by the time he got home, he was very tired and sat down on his couch and opened facebook to waste about an hour…then his friend Freddy the Frog called, and they went and ate burgers and beers at a nifty pub around the corner. Snapdash was so tired after his two pints, that he came home and crashed into bed. Silly bear, didn’t write his blog post, but had a lovely evening with a friend, who helped him re-park his car (damn city street cleaning) and take the dogs out after dinner. Yay for friends. As SnapDash looked back at his week, he realized that he had been rather social indeed:

  1. Monday: faith group @ his cave
  2. Tuesday: A Drink with a co-worker followed by more drinks, dog walking, and dinner with two more friends who happened to be in the same bar.
  3. Wednesday: another friend from faith group stopped by for dinner, followed by Snapdash’s massage.
  4. Thursday: More beer and burgers with Freddy the Frog.
  5. Friday: Out to the movies with two very cool friends with work, at which point said friends decided to have a Buffy reunion showing the next afternoon, on Saturday.

Oh my! 5 nights out in a row! So many friends! So energizing! This is very surprising to Snapdash, because only a  few weeks earlier, he merely wanted to hang out by himself in his cave.

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