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July 31, 2013

So I was going to write a lovely post on Saturday congratulating myself for Adventures of SnapDash’s 2 week birthday. But alas, life has gotten in the way.

Last week’s string of socialness continued on into the weekend, with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon on Saturday, followed by coffee with a friend on Sunday, which turned into lunch + coffee + shopping while they got a haircut + using their AAA card to jumpstart my car + a car wash + driving them back to their house + 3 episodes of WestWing + homemade dinner cooked by their mom.  There are many advantages of having friends who still live with their parents. Yum.

Then I rushed back to my cave to tidy up because…dun. dun. dun: my girlfriend was coming back early on Sunday night from Africa, after catching some mosquito transmitted fever. Oh, thats right, a good part of Saturday was spent on the phone with her, then on the phone with Delta, then tracking down a doctor, then on the phone with Delta trying to get her on a flight home early. Props to Delta, because once there was a doctor to reference on file, they were super helpful getting her on the first flight home and waiving the change fee.  Usually, it seems like its when you are most sick or down that there are the most bureaucratic hoops to jump through. But not this time.  Delta’s Rob and Donna were surprisingly quite helpful.

So its great that she is home again. Though she has been sick since coming home, and I still cant walk, so we’ve been a lame couple. Literally.  And today was my last day of work at my last company. And tomorrow is the first day of work at my next company. Never a dull moment. This month is like skiing down a steep mountain: everything is moving so fast that all you can do is try to stay on your feet.

Except right now, when my broken foot is very glad to be elevated with ice.

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