It finally hits again…

August 11, 2013

So part of starting this blog is to track my moods, so that I can be better empowered to understand the cycles. There are simply some times when I feel awesome and can do tons, and sometimes, I feel like doing nothing. After two weeks of total adrenaline rushes: from my girlfriend getting back into the country, to finishing one job, to starting another job, to pre- launching my girlfriend’s company last week…to rolling out our first product at my new job this week….at some point the adrenaline rush had to come all crashing down.

By wednesday, that trapped tired overwhelmed feeling came to visit again. Instead of getting swept away in a downward spiral of paralyzing emotion, however, I sat on the couch. Took a chill pill. Sat and breathed, and let the single tear drip down my face.  By the time my girlfriend came into the room, wondering where we wanted to go to dinner, instead of sobbing I just sat there, with my one tear. Very new sensation.

The down swing seems to be underway, but it seems like a gentler slope.

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