Tip 8: Drink Caffeine before 8 am

August 12, 2013

Monday, 8:00

Monday mornings kinda suck. Particularly when the one thing on the grocery list that was forgotten is coffee. Everything is harder, and I am definitely grumpier before my morning coffee. I could probably learn by now, that the day after coffee is distinctly superior than the day before coffee, and move up my coffee intake to make the morning smoother.

Also, ┬áthe rubber knobs at the bottom of my crutches have worn out/ mysteriously popped of, so I can’t really put my weight on them anymore. Particularly not on slick surfaces, like tile or hardwood floors. Its really embarrassing to fall on your ass, when crutching across a public space, likes stores and hurrying to catch the morning train. By 8:15, Crutch: 5, Bear:0.


By the time I got on the train monday, I was pretty overwhelmed. I sighed, popped a chill pill, and braced myself for a challenging day.

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