Friday Rage.

August 17, 2013

Its actually been one of those weeks. Sobbing on Monday night has come full circle to lots of sobbing tonight. I feel like i’ve been handling it better than last time, because it has certainly wreaked havoc on my home-relationship, but not keeping me from showing up for work. Also my girlfriend and I are getting better at communicating through the chaos than we did a few months ago.

I feel like the whole world is spiraling out of control. And I can’t tell if the rage is so pent up is bursting out my seams, or that the world is so complex its threatening to flood in through the cracks like a sinking ship.

I am learning that is ok to prioritize basic care-taking tasks at times like these, and set realistic expectations for other promises or performance.

I am thankful for this blog. I am thankful for being able to learn communication, thankful for bathes, and I am thankful for sleeping in on Saturdays.

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