Thirsty Thursday

August 22, 2013

Tonight some of my girlfriend’s friends had a dinner party. The last time these ladies had a dinner, there were only 6 of us. While I had never met anyone there before, they were all interesting people and I really enjoyed myself. This time however, there were about 12. While the room was filled with interesting people, I have to confess: 12 is a much harder size for not knowing anyone. We were squished on a bench and the table was long enough to fit all, but not one conversation.  It was loud and hard to follow one conversation at once, without feeling like I wasn’t a part of the others. Usually I consider myself a confident, charismatic bear, but there are those days, where a room full of friendly strangers still sends me back to that awkward junior-high cub: not knowing where to sit in the cafeteria lunchroom.

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