Frightful Friday…

August 23, 2013

Had a lovely date ¬†Friday with my honey bear. While we both got back from work too late to share dinner, we decided to go to the late showing of Blue Jasmine, which is evidently “really good.” Besides the academy award worthy acting and lovely local cinematography, the movie gave me night mares. ¬†If Silver Linings joyfully, yet painfully played with the concept of mental illness, but ultimately portrays the possibility of love an joy in the midst of the chaos, don’t expect such a future for miss Blue Jasmine. Very well done movie, but something made me sad, because a great fear is ending up like that woman, where everyone she has ever loved, she has pushed out of her life. I guess one difference is that she really doesn’t know how to love people, only use them. But its still sad. And a little too close to home. And how do you forgive her, while not let yourself be hurt by her?

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