more pills

More Pills!

September 13, 2013

Wed. 9/9/13

Visited the Crazy Doctor today. I told her I’ve been keeping a journal. I told her the swings have gone from months on high and months on low to like hours on high and hours on low. On some level this is easier, because I can adapt, and check out for an hour to cry much easier than it is to check out for a week and cry. At the same time, she seems concerned because the medication is supposed to smooth out the swings,  lengthen the periods with less amplitude. Instead the amplitude feels the same, just the periods are shorter, so its easier to handle. While this feels like progress, she says its actually counter the intended effect of the drug. So what’s the answer?



I am not sure if I like this. I am collecting a herd of little orange bottles around my nightstand. When company comes over, we’ll have to find a basket or something to hide them all in.

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