Just another manic Monday…..

September 17, 2013

Picture is worth a thousand words…

I have been reading a sad book. Books are lovely for train rides. Until people start dying. I mean there are like “Game of Thrones” dying, which just makes me feel like hitting something, then there are “Time Travelers Wife,” which is well written and captivating story. But why all those motherfuckers had to die, I really can’t comprehend. I guess it’s the classic tragedy, where the hero is a great person, with one tragic flaw that throws everything else out of sorts. Still don’t read sad books on trains, or planes or other public places. Its just really hard to keep a lid on it. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses, and could stay cool. The old man sitting across from me appeared to be asleep, so the quiet moistening of my cheeks could be done with little brouhaha.